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F3 Technologies
CareMonX™EMS Suite is an advanced mobile electronic patient care reporting and data management solution, designed for the demanding requirements of modern pre-hospital emergency care.
GP Out of Hours
SPECTRUM GP Out of Hour System has been designed for out of hour health service providers. These service providers receive calls from patients, public and/or private institutions on a daily basis and the number of calls may vary from day to day.
CareMonX™CAD is a modern and comprehensive Computer Aided
Dispatch and Resource Allocation

Growth of Business and F3 Workforce
We are pleased to announce the extension of our services to new clients in several countries where major deployments have been successfully conducted this year.

For the benefit of its emplyeesF3 Technologies has introduced Leadership and Performance awards as monthly allowances awarded on six monthly basis.

Welcome to F3 Technologies

We bring sound business & technological ideas to life. Our simple but well tested methods of engagement & software development life cycle ensures that we always exceed our clients and partners expectations. There are enormous goals that we still need to accomplish when it comes to our vision.

We are looking forward to further explore the current domains on which we are working, particularly in the field of healthcare and emergency dispatching services.
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